Quality Policy Environment and Sustainability

BIOCOM considers the quality and preservation of the environment, the responsibility of all members of the company, so that are the responsibility of those who manage or perform each of the processes that make BIOCOM .

Strategic Management believes the Compile implementation of a management system based on ISO 9000, ISO 14000, and Directive 2009/28/EC.

The Directorate is committed to communicate to all interested parties and the Quality Policy and Environment, made appropriate clarifications, as well as to review it to ensure adecuació ; ny update.

It will continuously adjust to internal and environmental changes. To do so, convene an annual meeting for review of the management system for proper adecuacióny evolution.


The company's basic and continuing priority to get the highest quality of their products so that they meet current and future expectations of customers. Thus, we define the Quality Policy, Environment and Sustainability from the following principles:

  • Quality Management seeks continuous customer satisfaction.
  • People work better and perform better when they feel part of the organization.
  • The Addressand managing an organization with criteria of effectiveness and efficiency, results in good overall performance and greater acceptance in society.
  • Quality is an indispensable tool for maintaining a competitive position.
  • The form and inform all employees in Quality, Environment and sustainability, helps minimizing and optimizing conditions of resource consumption.
  • The importance among species, resources and their environments.
  • The resourcing ensure a lasting in time, as well as maintaining and increasing the capacity of ecosystems to their life-sustaining functions.
  • Make the organization share in the objectives set by the EU, referring to the replacement of mineral diesel fraction currently consumed, sustainable biofuel source.


To do this, the Directorate of BIOCOM takes a series of actions:

  • Set a policy and strategic objectives in relates quality, the environment and sustainability.
  • BIOCOM ENERGÍA Leading by example.
  • Align the organization to the management system objectives and continuous improvement.
  • Participate and promote improvement projects.
  • Create an environment that promotes participation.
  • Securing the commitment to comply with the requirements.
  • Ensure environmental commitment.
  • Securing the commitment to prevention of pollution.
  • Securing the commitment to comply with current legislation.
  • Minimize waste production, helping to maintain and care for the environment.
  • Ensure continuous improvement of the management system.
  • Promoting cooperation for sustainable development and sustainability market.
  • Incorporate sustainability principles.